Expert's Review

Free app to calculate prayer times for Muslims.

Salat10 is a prayer time calculator for Muslims and offers a lot of additional features that other apps do not have. It also calculates Hijri dates based on the current Julian calendar date. The usage of the app is very simple and the app tries to take care of most of the manual work for you. It will automatically determine your location and pick the calculation angles that are most relevant to your area to give you accurate timings. However you still have control over these settings if you want to adjust them yourself. The app must remain open for the athaan to function properly (until headless apps are officially supported on BlackBerry 10). 30 minutes before an event happens you will notice it display a message on the event itself, and 5 minutes before the event the countdown will get even more verbose. Once the new event comes in you will hear and see the notification if you have enabled the settings. * Native Cascades app implementation with smooth transitions, animations, and incorporation of Flow UI. * Infinite scroll design to allow you to find prayer times for as early into the past and as distant in the future as you wish. * Countdown timer: Displays exactly how long until the next event and gets more and more precise as the time approaches. * Optimized for all displays (BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10, etc.). * Hijri calendar date support. * Refresh button to allow you to jump to the current event no matter how far you've scrolled. * Share framework support: Export today's events or the events of anytime in the future to your contacts via SMS, email, BBM, WhatsApp, etc. as well as any app that supports handling plain-text content. You can also save the times on the clipboard. * Export to (and clear from) Calendar feature: Schedule reminders right into the native calendar app. * Qibla direction detection: Determines the direction of the Qibla using the device's built-in compass. * Articles: Support for browsing multiple fiqh questions on prayers and issues affecting the prayer from the scholars. * Sujud As-Sahw support: Easy access to a table that allows you to memorize what to do for the Prostration of Forgetfulness. * Auto-detection of your location as well as letting you pick specific coordinates using the built-in native place picker. * Allow scheduling and disabling of athaan as well as notifications for non-prayer events. * Support for displaying 1/2 night, 1/3 night ends, and last 1/3 night begins. * Several calculation angles to choose from based on what pertains to your location. * Shafii/Hanafi asr ratio configuration. * Several profiles available to control athaan options (respect vibrate/silent: Athaan will not play when device is in vibrate or silent mode, Ignore Profile: Athaan will always play, Respect Silence: Athaan will always play except when device is in silent mode). * Dhuhr athaan on Friday configuration to prevent interruption of Ju'muah. * Built-in bug reporter. * Built-in links to several documents on where you can find more information on the fiqh of salah.