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600+ amazing recipes

The app collects the most popular/distinguishing food recipes around the world. The classic leather menu outlook fits your BlackBerry very well.Make a diary of your own dish such as photo and cooking methods. And once purchased, you get all the hundreds classic recipes and feature. After 3 months, you will be the chef master in the world. No internet access needed. Please check out the details below: The recipes from different countries and cultures: - American - Caribbean - Chinese - French - Greek - Indian - Italian - Japanese - Mexican - Middle Eastern - Northern Europe - South American - Spanish - South East Asian Each recipe, you can view the details such as: culture, ingredients, method and tips. Through search menu, you can easily find the food you want to try. You can search by ingredients, by dish type and also by healthy dish. Finally hope you enjoy this app and your cooking! NOTE : This app is trial version. With trial version, you can only access 'Indian' and 'American' recipes. To access the full features, please update this app to full version.