Expert's Review

Children of the New Forest - Audio Book

Marryat was a Naval Officer and friend of Dickens. This childrens novel was his most famous and is set in the English Civil War period. Colonel Beverly a Cavalier was killed at Naesby and his property in the New Forest was burnt by the Roundheads who believed the children perished in the fire. Unknown to the Roudheads the chilfren escaped and were taken in by a local forester, the story is about how the children adapt to their change of circumstances and try to regain their fortune. Children of the New Forest, by Captain Marryat is a human-voice recorded audio book packaged with an easy to use media player. Once the app has been downloaded, you do not need an internet connection, so the book can be enjoyed anywhere. After you break from listening to the recording, it will start at the position you left off.